Comparisons Between 1 piece and 2 piece jaw plate design


Jaw Plate

There are some jaw plates are designed to 1 piece or 2 pieces. Different designs suit different jaw crushers and working conditions. Normally, large jaw crusher jaw plates are originally designed to use a 2 piece jaw die design, while the smaller jaw crushers used a 1 piece jaw die design. A 1 piece jaw design is now also designed for some large crushers.

1 piece and 2 piece jaw plate design

Benefits of 1 piece jaw plate design

  • Under this design, it can get much faster jaw plate replacement, which can less downtime
  • It can decrease necessary wear parts, such as the center wedges not required
  • More easily to install, which suit for limited maintenance space, mobile applications


Benefits of 2 pieces of jaw plate design

  • Longer lifetime expectation (when changed as recommended)
  • Standard lifting tool supplied with the crusher
  • Reduced scrap rate and cost/ ton
  • Good nip angle if jaws are rotated according to recommendations


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Post time: Nov-13-2020