Cone Crusher Liner Manufacturing Process Introduction


H&G Machinery has been casted cone crusher wear parts over 30 years. Our cone crusher liner manufacturing process is based on the America standard. Let us check how we cast cone crusher liners.

Step 1: Check the drawings with the customer, and translate the drawings

Cone Crusher Liner Drawings

Step 2: Make a  of the product is generated for better understanding

Cone Crusher Liner 3D Model

Step 3: Engineers make a design and produce documents to show the details: the heat treatment temperature, heat treatment time, casting temperature, casting time, keep the temperature-time…

Cone Crusher Liner Design

Step 4: Make product models. Our models include steel model, wood pattern model.

Cone Crusher Liner Model

Step 5: Start to prepare and analyze the raw material

Cone Crusher Liner Raw Material Analysis

Step 6:Products are poured using bottom pour ladle

Cone Crusher Liner Pouring

Step 7: After cooling time, remove gating and risers, the goods start to heat treatment

Cone Crusher Liner Heat Treatment

Step 8: Cone crusher liner Machining

Cone crusher liner Machining

Step 9: Printing and package

Cone Crusher Liner Printing and package



Post time: Oct-23-2020