H&G deliver Mn13Cr2 high manganese steel bal mill liner to Russia

high manganese steel ball mill liner (11)

H&G deliver Mn13Cr2 high manganese steel ball mill liner to a copper mine project in Russia, the total weight is 50 tons. Our High Manganese Steel Mn13Cr2 Ball Mill Liner are widely used in the grinding stage for mining industry, cement industry, thermal power plant, paper-making and chemical industry etc.

When it comes to austenitc manganese steel mill liners, H&G Mill Liners had focused this material for long time. Our austenitc manganese steel mill liners span life more than other foundries mill liners.

This material used for grid liners, and generally smaller mills. Its great advantage is that it work hardens under stress, yet the substrate remains tough and can withstand extreme impacting without fracture. Its primary disadvantage is that it spreads with impact, so solid liners begin to squeeze together and become extremely difficult to remove, and can damage a mill shell if the stress is allowed to build up to an extreme level.

Austenitic manganese steel’s ability to work harden from impact loading along with its exceptional toughness make it the best wear material choice for many demanding applications.The hardness of manganese steel in the solution annealed and water quenched condition is normally around 220 HB. It is possible to strain harden this material to approximately 500 HB. In order to achieve this high hardness level, the impact loading must be high while the material wearing away from gouging abrasion is limited. It is typical in crushing applications were the main wear mechanism is gouging abrasion that the manganese steel will harden to some intermediate level, typically 350-450 HB.

Post time: Sep-18-2021