Jaw Crusher Protection Plate



Protection plates are designed for additional protection of the crusher’s frame and pitman. They are recommended when using small settings (always greater than or equal to the minimum recommended setting) and/or when the rock to be crushed is very hard (i.e. very low crushability). Of course, these can be used at any time for added protection.
IMPORTANT: When ordering Protection Plates for machines that were not originally equipped with them you must supply Metso Minerals with the serial number of the crusher to confirm if new Wedges and or Wedge Bolts need to be furnished.

The frame protection plate is not used when an intermediate plate is used.

Protection plates are not available options with all jaw crusher models and in some models, they are included as part of the basic assembly.

There are some things you need notices:

  • When using protection plates, different bottom retaining wedges must be used. Please refer to your crusher’s parts book.
  • Frequent replacement of the protection plates indicates a feed problem. Contact Qiming Machinery if such is the case with your Crusher.

Jaw Crusher Protection Plate


Before installing the protection plates, remove the jaw dies from the frame and from the pitman.
Clean the contact surfaces of the frame and the pitman and ensure that they are in good condition. When using Protection Plates, different lower wedges must be used.
Lift the protection plates on top of the lower wedge. Fasten the plates with bolts. After installing the protection plates install the stationary and movable jaw dies.



Post time: Nov-13-2020