H&G delivered lining of ball mills FLSmidth to Armenia mine plant

Ball Mill Liner

Dated on 10th April 2020,H&G delivered lining of ball mills FLSmidth with a diameter of 20- “0″ x31- “0″ and for the mill of self-grinding, the diameter is 34- “0″ x15- “0″ to Armenia. The liners is in AS2074 L2C, HB325 -375 material standard.

CRMO Alloyed SAG Mill liner, AG Mill liners to Gold, Copper, Molybendum mine plant.

When it comes to high carbon chrome moly steel mill liners, H&G Mill Liners had focused to cast this material for our customer. Our high carbon chrome moly steel mill liners span life more than other foundries mill liners.

This material also called AS2074 L2C steel.This steel is now considered the main material used for SAG mill liners. There are a number of variations with either different carbon or chrome contents. The variations tend to have a bearing on the size of the liner and its section thickness. There is ongoing development within this area as the size of the liners are outstripping the properties provided by the standard high chrome moly steels.


  • The material of SAG mill liners are low C or high C Cr-Mo Alloy steel,which depends on the specific working condition of the SAG mill;
  • Chromium and molybdenum both individually increase the hardenability of low alloy steel. Important synergistic effects, not yet fully defined, can also occur when Cr and Mo are used in place of single elements;
  • Metallographic structure of AS2074 L2C Steel is Pearlitic;
  • Chromium brings resistance to corrosion and oxidation, high temperature strength and abrasion resistance. Molybdenum helps maintain a specified hardenability and increases high temperature tensile and creep strengths. These grades are generally heat-treated to specified properties;
  • This material hardness: 325 to 380 BHN

Post time: Oct-10-2020