Company History - H&G Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Historia de la Compañía

In 1989, Xuzhou Peixian Tongda Casting Co.,Ltd, as a individual, was established. We mainly used coke smelting reduction technics, and the products were casting grinding balls and bars.

●  In 1996, Xuzhou H&G Wear-resistant Material Co., Ltd. was established. We became a general taxpayer. One medium frequency furnace production line was introduced into our production, together with the annealing process technics.

●  In 2002, Xuzhou H&G Wear-resistant Material Co.,Ltd was moved to Liubang Industrial Park, Peixian County, Jiangsu Province.The overall property had a qualitative improvementIn 2008, renamed as Xuzhou H&G Wear Resistant Co., Ltd. 12,000 square meters standard workshop, 4 casting production 2 oil quenching and 2 heat treatment line . Besides , Advanced equipment was used for IQC and OQC.

●  En 2012, H&G Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. se estableció en Shanghai, una subsidiaria de ventas de propiedad absoluta, con la intención de desarrollar y atender negocios en el extranjero.

●  In 2013, Xuzhou H&G Wear-resistant Material Co.,Ltd 800 square meters office building was put into use in our factory, making great progress in both work environment and employees.

●  In 2015, H&G wear-resistant(HK) Co., Ltd was established, with the purpose of providing more convenient service for overseas business.

● In 2020, Xuzhou H&G Wear-resistant Material Co.,Ltd new 12,000 square meters workshop start production. Mainly focus on SAG Mill liner. 

● In 2022, Xuzhou H&G Wear-resistant Material Co.,Ltd new machining workshop start production.