When To Change Cone Crusher Wear Parts?


Metso Cone Crusher Spare Parts

There are two situations need to change cone crusher wear parts:

Situation 1:Normal Abrasion.

In order to avoid damage to the liner seating surfaces of the crusher head or bowl, wear parts must be replaced before they are worn through. In normal conditions, approximately 50% of the liner weight is consumed when liners are worn out. It is important to keep a record of liner wear in order to assess the degree of liner wear without the need to stop the crusher operation.

Situation 2:Cost Reason.

It is our experience that way too many people lean in the direction of too late, the optimum time to alter a liner actually depends on how much cash you are prepared to lose to production losses to get the maximum usage out of a wear part.

The first problem that is optimum is that the liner adjustment takes place when you prepared it. This offers you the possibility to have every one of the needed parts available before beginning. This also enables you to execute various other maintenance deal with other equipment when the modification is being performed. These days it is difficult to obtain display media and manganese on a minute’s notification and also you will need to plan things if you require to rent a crane.

The 2nd problem is transforming the lining before you begin to suffer considerable manufacturing losses. On the top adjust/screw adjust cones this is specifically true as the feed size starts to reduce quite drastically as quickly as you reach the last 1/3 of life and also as you near completion the feed size can get really little, shedding as much 30% of feed size. This is much less of a concern with hydrocones as the feed size stays continuous throughout the life of the manganese.

You ought to have a pretty good idea when you will need to transform manganese and also be able to have all of the components accessible before needing to alter. By having a precise belt scale, you can understand to the day when your manufacturing starts to tail off to the limit and routine the modification immediately.

How To Change Cone Crusher Wear Parts?

  • On the first collection of brand-new linings, position a mark on the modification cap chauffeur ring where the pinion tooth reaches a motorist ring tooth when the target crusher setting has actually been accomplished.
  • Keep an exact document of the number of teeth made use of to compensate for lining wear on this collection of linings.
  • After the first collection of linings have worn out, but before relocating the dish, record the complete number of teeth the driver ring has actually relocated as well as also repaint a straight lining on the side of the dirt
  • covering just listed below all-time low of the changing cap. This will be the standard for determining exactly how close the next liner collections are to being worn.
  • When a new liner set has been installed, keep a document of the number of teeth the driver ring has relocated and compared this number to the overall number from the first collection of linings. This will give an evaluation of the liner wear.
  • The horizontal mark repainted on the dust shell will additionally be suggested when the linings are coming close to the wear restriction. The approximate minimum heights of the change cap (A-dimension) with used linings are provided in the affixed tables.


Post time: Oct-23-2020