Cone Crusher Liners Melting Process



Cone crusher liners are the most important wear parts for cone crusher. The cone crusher liners melting process is the key to get a long time span life. At present, many factories use intermediate frequency furnaces to melt high manganese steel. In order to obtain high-quality cone crusher liners castings production plants, the following points must be done:

(1) The strict control of raw materials, selection of non-rust, oil-free waste steel, suitable ferroalloy materials.
(2) Strictly control the chemical composition, the manganese/carbon ratio should be greater than 10, the carbon content is 0.95% to 1.2%, the silicon content is less than 0.6%, and the phosphorus content is less than 0.045%.
(3) Strictly control the tapping temperature between 1480 ~ 1550 ℃, pouring temperature between 1390 ~ 1430 ℃, ensure grain refinement, grain size should be greater than grade 2, and improve wear resistance of castings.
(4) Refining technology should be used, such as blowing argon at the bottom of the furnace. Blow argon in the bag, add a composite modifier, nano modifier and other methods to deoxidize and degas, remove slag inclusion, and purify molten steel to make nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen and non-metal slag inclusion extremely low.
(5) Strictly follow the operating procedures for melting high-manganese steel in the intermediate frequency furnace, and carefully and carefully operate each link.
(6) Add external cold iron, suspending agent, internal cold iron, hard alloy column, etc. to refine the grains and improve wear resistance.


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Post time: Oct-30-2020