Maintenance of Cone Crusher



Doing frequently set up maintenance on cone crusher is the most critical action in maintaining day-to-day integrity and maximum product outcome. Let it be known that even executing minor cleanup as well as evaluations around and also on cone crushers daily can produce raised life span. Let us show some tips for cone crusher maintenance.

Make oil lubrication systems a top priority

The value of timely oil modifications can not be emphasized sufficient, as your crusher makes use of the oil supply for both air conditioning and lubrication. Permitting the crusher to run with damaged or infected oil can lead to a decline in bearing, equipment, as well as lining life. Examine your oil and also filters daily, as well as transform them at the proper periods recommended in your proprietor’s manual.
Constantly uncover the resource of pollutants. As an example, where oil leaks out, impurities such as dirt fragments as well as water can get in. Evaluate all your hydraulic systems as well as tag any kind of leaks for rehabilitative activity on the very following maintenance cycle. Completely drain and completely clean out the inside of the oil tank to get rid of any kind of pollutants before refilling.
It is essential to keep in mind that developing an arranged oil sampling program suggests a baseline of normal wear and can assist suggest when abnormal wear or contamination is occurring. The oil that has actually been inside any kind of moving the mechanical device for a time period shows the exact problem of that setup.
Lubrication systems with tank-mounted oil pumps permit oil to be circulated before crusher start-up to supply pre-lubrication of the crusher inner elements. A security system is an indispensable part of this lube system. Throughout the operation of particular cone crushers, an alarm might seem if any one of the adhering to unusual conditions happen for greater than 5 seconds– a reduced feed-line oil circulation; a low feed-line oil pressure; or a high return-line oil temperature. If these conditions continue to occur, a time-delayed closure of the crusher may occur.
The cone crusher might be outfitted with either an air/oil cooler or a water cooler to help dissipate warmth from the lube oil. The air/oil cooler will require routine cleaning of the air conditioning fins to eliminate debris or build-up of dirt and also dirt in the fins. When cleaning up the cooler fins, the fan blades ought to also be checked for accumulation that could unbalance the blades. The water cooler will require to be drained on a seasonal basis to keep it from freezing in wintertime problems. At the time the cooler is drained pipes, the flows ought to be blown out to look for debris or scale accumulation.
When updating to contemporary cone crusher designs, ask your provider regarding the design of the system’s tank and also oil cooler. Certain crushers feature clean as well as basic styles that enable decreased upkeep requirements and also supply higher protection against environmental risks. For instance, brand-new layouts may provide a structured method to plumbing with an oil pump, suction line, motor combining, as well as bypass line all, mounted inside the storage tank. This substantially decreases the dangers of pricey ecological damage triggered by oil spills. To even more streamline the plumbing, an oil distribution manifold is utilized, including a bypass safety valve as well as a thermal bypass valve into the manifold. The integrated manifold shields the crusher from high oil stress and supplies much better temperature level control– a benefit specifically to those that operate in extreme environments.

Inspect the mainframe.

Examine the major structure birthed for nicks, burrs, scoring, or various other damages. Attempt to get rid of any blemishes with documents or emery towel. Use a micrometer to determine the bore at the top, bottom, and also facility. At each setting, check the measurement at two locations 90 degrees apart. The standard of all six dimensions should fall within an acceptable range. If high spots can not be submitted down to an acceptable variety, the bore will need to be re-machined into tolerance. Check the bore very carefully after re-machining for burrs, especially at the keyways and grooves. A major structure bore that is worn outside the tolerance limits will certainly need to have the used spots bonded up and the complete bore re-machined to tolerance.

Check your alarms daily.

If electrical changes are made or programs are altered in automated systems, verify that all alarms and interlocks still function properly. Don’t be afraid to replace switches or timers that appear damaged or are in poor condition. This is much cheaper than the completion of a major overhaul. Never disable or alter any alarms or interlocks!

Change Cone Crusher Wear Parts In Time

In order to avoid damage to the liner seating surfaces of the crusher head or bowl, wear parts must be replaced before they are worn through. In normal conditions, approximately 50% of the liner weight is consumed when liners are worn out. It is important to keep a record of liner wear in order to assess the degree of liner wear without the need to stop the crusher operation.



Post time: Oct-23-2020